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Demo submission: heathe demo tape

Couldnt find contact form, so here goes.

Hello. Im writing to promote the doom project Heathe and a forthcoming tape consisting of four demo-takes.

Heathe is a project born in Aalborg, Denmark out of the will to examine the massive and repetitive. The four tracks consists of drums, bass, guitars, organs, trombones, screams, bowed cymbals and wind all structured as massive walls of sound that constantly is on the vert of falling apart, with lyrical themes concerning the fragility of the human kind and how we are naturally evil.

The demo will be released on tape in april through Danish Vaishyas.

Artist: Heathe
Titel: Demo Tape
Style: Black/doom metal
Label: Danish Vaishyas
format: c40 tape
Recorded: january-march 2016